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Sweet Dreams Decaf

Sweet Dreams Decaf


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We always say this at Cartel and we definitely mean it: “Anytime is coffee time”, you want to have coffee and still have Sweet Dreams, don’t you? Well, go ahead then. This Colombian Coffee comes from the biggest coffee production region in Colombia: El Eje Cafetero. It’s a fully washed coffee with a sugar cane decaf process.

Have this decaffeinated option without compromising on taste and quality whatsoever. Watch out for incoming notes of Molasses, Dried Apricot, and Pecan Nuts.

Region: El Eje Cafetero

Country: Colombia

Tasing Notes: Molasses, Dried Apricot, Pecan Nuts.

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"Hands down, this is one of the best Cartel Specialty Coffee roasts I have ever had – perfect pourover blend."

Sourced globally, our specialty coffee is roasted fresh in Abu Dhabi.